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Walter J. Kin (RIGLI)

I was born in Soviet Union to Jewish family. Lived in Israel and now in the US since 1995. I love Jewish songs and am currently working on "The Hope", a Jewish themed concept musical, based on Yiddish and Hebrew songs. 

I live in Manhattan. Please feel free to join, add and/or contact me through the following:

Phone: 646-431-2952 (please text first)
Facebook page
Google Plus
My Google Artist Page

As part of "Jewish Song for All" project the following demo versions of albums and singles were released online:

1. Hatikvah (in Russian). Released 10.31.2017
2. Tumbalalaika (in Russian). Released 10.31.2017
3. Как тяжёлый колос (original Russian lyrics). Released 11.09.2017
4. Hava Nagila (in Russian). Released 11.12.2017